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The Gendered Double Standard of Academic Attire

In academia, women must out-dress men in order to be taken seriously.

May, 2018


Pumping Liquid Gold: Why Policies Emphasize Milk Over Mom

Much U.S. policy facilitates breast milk pumping instead of enabling breastfeeding directly. Redefining breastfeeding affects mothers and potentially the benefits of breastfeeding.

November, 2017


How Do New Babies Affect Parent and Sibling Relationships?

Many couples expect a new child to strengthen their union, but distress first-born children. Research suggests that these expectations are unfounded.

November, 2017


Choosing Children's Surnames

Conventionally, women take their husband’s surname, as do any children. But as married women increasingly retain their birth surnames, how do couples decide on children’s surnames?

June, 2017


What Sexism Research Says About the Rebuke of Senator Warren

Silencing Warren reflected sexism still pervasive in American politics.

February, 2017


Is There a "Right" Way to Birth a Child?

Both sides of the debate--natural and medical--may undermine women's agency.

January, 2017


As Fathers of Daughters, Male Politicians Disavow Trump

Should it take a daughter for men to assert that assaulting women is wrong?

October, 2016


The Transgender Bathroom Controversy

Why has the debate over equal access become so contentious?

October, 2016


The Transgender Bathroom Battle

What do we know about the consequences of equal access?

July, 2016


The Psychology of Mansplaining

A buzzword that's well-grounded in research (and super-annoying).

March, 2016


Why People Cheat

Research into gender, income, and other factors that drive infidelity.

March, 2016


Should Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings for men may be the next big trend and represent a major shift in gender norms.

December, 2015


Do You Eat Like a Girl?

Gendered beliefs about food may influence what we eat more than we are aware.

December, 2015


Dream Wedding, Rapid Divorce?

Lavish weddings are associated with higher divorce risk.

October, 2015


Why Some Welcome Unisex Bathrooms, and Some Steer Clear

Is this a trend that's ahead of it's time?

September, 2015


Why Do Men's Preferences for Wives and Daughters Differ?

Men's priorities for daughters embrace women's agency--less so their priorities for wives?

June, 2015


What's Yours is Mine?

Couple income-pooling, autonomy, and equality.

May, 2015


Are Babies Contagious?

Why parenthood spreads through social networks.

April, 2015


Why Are Female Models Paid More?

Women are paid less than men in nearly all other jobs.

March, 2015


The Benefits of Being Blond

Skin color matters. What about hair and eye color?

February, 2015


Who Is More Likely To Leave a Bad Relationship?

...and why men and women would both be happier if this difference went away.

February, 2015


Why Breakups are Actually Tougher on Men

A range of studies shows that they're less steady on their own than women.

December, 2014


Finding Love: How Do Most Couples Meet?

Couples are often asked how they met.  Increasingly, the answer is online.

November, 2014


Sibling Sex and Gender Inequality

Parents gender-stereotype mixed-sexed breeds more, offsetting sibling play effects

October, 2014


Can Women Reduce the Career Cost of Motherhood?

Many strategies that women use to reduce the cost of motherhood may prove ineffective

October, 2014


Are High-Achieving Women Doomed to be Single and Childless?

The romantic consequences of women's educational and labor market success

August, 2014


Who Craves Relationships More, Men or Women?

The Origins, and accuracy, of a long-held stereotype.

July, 2014


Understanding Interracial Relationships

Are interracial relationships mercenary exchanges or unions of equality?

July, 2014


Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Women's Employment

Does the pursuit of infant health come at a high financial price for mothers?

March, 2014


Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

Ratings of beauty are neither subjective nor reducible to evolutionary adaptation.

February, 2014


Happy Homemakers?

A comparison of male and female homemakers.

January 17, 2014


How Daughters Change Fathers

Men's gender ideology and support of women's rights may depend on child gender.

December 5, 2013


Beauty, Status, and the Trophy Wife Myth

Stereotypes about the gendered importance of beauty and status may be misleading.

October 4, 2013



Occupational Gender-Atypicality and Housework Hours

Married men who enter predominately-female occupations increase housework hours.

September 16, 2013