Stata log and do files for beauty & status article.

PLEASE NOTE:  The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Romantic Pairs data are proprietary, high-security data.  I cannot and will not share data with you, nor will I create tables or estimate models for you.  Please do not contact me with any such requests.


I have deleted any tables or descriptive statistics with small cell counts from the log files, as per Add Health security guidelines.  Please do not contact me for these missing tables.  I cannot and will not share them with you.


The documents below contain all output which I am able and willing to share.  It contains all descriptive statistics and regression models presented in the article and online supplement.  Please do not contact me for any additional programs or logs--I will not provide them.    


You can learn about the data and how to apply for your own licence at this website.  

Program 1--prepare data--Stata do file

Program 1--prepare data--Stata log file

Program 2--forecast SES--Stata do file

Program 2--forecast SES--Stata log file

Program 3--tables 1 to 6--Stata do file

Program 3--tables 1 to 6--Stata log file

Program 4--table 7--Stata do file

Program 4--table 7--Stata log file